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Brunnhoelzl BRI-002 Low Profile Aluminum Racing Jack ~ Best-in-Class®

Brunnhoelzl BRI-002 Low Profile Aluminum Racing Jack ~ Best-in-Class®

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** The Best Racing Jack That Money Can Buy **

And Save $400.00+

True racing jacks go lower than the industry standard 3.5" minimum height of imported "racing style" jacks and allow better access for lower, high performance cars. This Brunnhoelzl® Racing Jack is custom made to fit the amazing JackPoint jack stands. It has the low low 2.4 inch minimum height of the Brunnhoelzl Pro Series® for $400 less.

This American made, all aluminum jack is finished in a stunning brushed aluminum finish and ships with a one piece handle (in a separate box). The 1 piece handle can be converted to a 2 piece handle that makes transporting the jack in your car easier for $80.  Racing jacks also ship with one side grab handle that you can attach to either side of the jack.

This jack is a genuine bargain thanks to our friends at JackPoint®. All other Brunnhoelzl® jacks that go to 2.5" or lower cost between $1,400 -$1,800.


  • Part # BRI-022JP
  • Designed to reach a maximum height of 17"
  • Minimum height of 2.4"
  • Saddle diameter of 4.8"
  • Length 30"
  • Width at caster wheels 11.0"
  • When fully depressed it stands only 3-1/4" tall
  • Weighs only 29 pounds
  • 40" inch long 1-piece jack handle
  • Load rating 1500-2000lbs
  • 6-pump jack

Note: This jack is custom made and is not widely available.