Choosing Replacement Turn Signal & Tail Light Lenses

How do you choose lenses?
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Let's start with price. When you compare prices of replacement signal lenses please consider at this time there are at least four tiers of pricing, sometimes an indication of quality, sometimes not.

(1) Everyday cheap reproductions. These are cheap and that's the only good thing about them. Race cars, maybe.

(2) URO Parts. These are made in China and are of fairly good quality but they don't reach the premium level

(3) EuroLens s.r.l. These made in Italy premium lenses are of outstanding quality in every way, and heads and shoulders above the competition.

(4) Porsche lenses. These are , predictably, very expensive and most would agree that they are simply not at the same level as EuroLens lenses.

Signal lenses are an area we research extensively and we have selected the Eurolens product to offer you as we believe they offer the best value for the money, by far.


Why Eurolens? Time to discuss quality.

We’re the #1 restoration shop in the U.S. of air cooled Porsche turn signals and taillights. Our customers, many of whom own high end concours cars, depend on us to deliver lights restored to the highest standard. That demands that we use the highest parts available, including lenses. The way we do that is by continually buying and evaluating everything that is available. We then grade them based on a number of factors including authenticity, color, shape, fit and overall quality. 

Superior fit - We are really particular about fit and these are precise. For example, the SWB lenses have the small tabs that protrude through the housing and it’s a real pleasure to feel these click perfectly into place as you as you mount the lenses.

Colors - Colors are accurate and brilliant. 

Quality construction - These EuroLens lenses are of substantially heavier construction than most lenses. You can feel the thickness and heft in your hand. For example, our black trim U.S. taillight lenses weigh 19.8 grams while another popular lens weighs 15.3 grams.