Premium Emergency Tactical Survival Kit

Premium Emergency Tactical Survival Kit

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We're not going to go on about how vulnerable we all are in the dangerous and chaotic world that we live in. Following the mission of our Safety Division, out job is to help you to be prepared, keep yourself and your loved ones safe - and gain a little peace of mind.

This Kit by Sirius Survival contains everything on everyone's list for a well equipped Preparedness Kit. It's not at the level of the heavy duty survival kits - which we will be adding over time - as it's designed for two people for 3-4 days when there is a catastrophe.

We reviewed dozens of preparedness kits and chose this one as our AC Best-in-Class to offer you.

This emergency pack is full of emergency supplies that cover shelter, sustenance, self-defense, first aid and much more. This all fits neatly organized in just the smaller pockets of the backpack, and weighs in at a total of 13.5lbs.



Stay Tuned - Heavier duty survival kits and other gear will added as we expand our Safety Division.