RennShift Performance Shifter  (901/911/915/914/930). $75.00 OFF

RennShift Performance Shifter (901/911/915/914/930). $75.00 OFF

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I've done business with my friend James at JWest Engineering for many years. His business is the kind I love to work with, a small private enterprise laser focused on exacting quality of engineering and production along with personalized service. 

His line of high performance shifters deserves a Best-in-Class with an exclamation point. Here are all the details you will ever need about these meticulously designed and manufactured shifters.

Standard equipped with tapered shaft and small RS rubber cover boot (exposed shifter housing - cool). Other options below.

  • Choice of shift knob
  • Legacy ProtoStick (+50.00)
  • Factory 915rubber cover boot - covers shift tower (+20.00)

Please contact me for custom configurations.

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