Electronic Turn Signal Flashers - 3 & 4 Pin
Electronic Turn Signal Flashers - 3 & 4 Pin

Electronic Turn Signal Flashers - 3 & 4 Pin

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Enables LED Signal Bulbs on a Porsche as Needed

LED bulbs draw very little current, in some cases not enough to trigger a flasher. We haven't seen this very often with Porsches but this electronic flasher is the solution as electronic flashers have no minimum load. It eliminates the need for load resistors and turn signals will flash at the normal rate with or without LED bulbs.

Your flasher may be 3-pin or 4-pin, be sure to check yours before ordering. It's located behind one of the two left most gauges of your instrument panel.

3-Pin Flasher: Best-in-Class Novita EP36

Now that we have had extensive experience with converting to LED bulbs we have learned (as with most things) it's best to stay with the best available flasher relays. We have identified the best as made in the USA Novita EP36. Unlike the vast majority of flashers, the Novita EP36 is compatible with LEDs, incandescent bulbs or a mixture of both so you don't have to worry about flasher damage. And based on input we receive from our customers, they have worked properly after every installation.

4-Pin Flasher: CEC Industries EF26

We use this premium electronic flasher extensively for 4-pin replacements.  We haven't had quite enough experience with it to award it a Best-in-Class designation but has been trouble free.

  • 0. 27 Amps to 12 Amps
  • 4 Terminals / Square Plastic
  • 11 To 15 Volts D. C
  • 60 To 120 Flash Per Minute
  • 600 Life Hours / DOT Compliant


If you're interested (sincerely interested) in a deep dive on the difference between electronic LED flashers and normal flashers, click here.