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It can sometimes be a little to identify interior lights. For example, one light was used as a glove box light for some years and as an interior light for other years and models. Here's a quick overview that may prove helpful.


Interior dome light used from 1965-1998



Interior / Glove Box Light - P/N: 911.632.102.00.70A

  • Used as a glove box light on most cars from 1969-89
  • Used as an interior light on 911 Targa and Cabriolet and 1973-1998 930


Engine Compartment Light




F-Series License Plate Light - Part #901.631.601.00

Used on late 356's and F-Series (1965-1973) 911's and 912's


G-Series License Plate Light - P/N: 911.631.620.04



964 License Plate Light - P/N 64 631 620 00




Hood Light - P/N 64 631 620 00

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