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Concours Restored Original: Bosch Euro Reflector Headlights

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No cores on hand to restore at this time.

 One of the most difficult parts to find for the past few years have been the Bosch reflectors used on the early Euro cars from 1965 until 1973 or late 1972 (when H4's were introduced). The reason they are hard to find is that they did not have a hole in the reflector for a city light like the H4's that followed them. And it's almost impossible to find reflectors without those holes. The world is awash in early VW reflectors that did have the holes which I have tried to weld, with what I decided were unsatisfactory results.

These early reflector lamps used a 45/40 tungsten bulb with a P45t base which means modern H4 bulbs with that base can be used in them. They used what I think is the best looking lenses that Porsche has ever used, the flat fluted Bosch 4487. I have a couple with the Bosch logo on them that I will use for this restoration.

Pay 50% deposit with balance due when restoration is complete or pay in full now.