Porsche Fuel Pressure Damper - 911 3.2 Carrera

Porsche Fuel Pressure Damper - 911 3.2 Carrera

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A direct replacement for the no longer available OEM Bosch fuel pressure dampers used in many Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes and other makes.

Our fuel pressure damper uses the latest OEM pulse damper to be a direct replacement to the aging and leaking fuel pressure dampers. This simple and elegant design uses steel O-Ring boss sealing adapters to the manifold with multiple options for hose connections.

  • Easy to replace damper
  • Bosch OEM reliability
  • Spare outlet port for fuel pressure sensor. 

What is Included in the kit:

Carrera 3.2 / 928 OEM Fitting Kit

  • 1 x Fuel pressure damper body
  • 1 x Pressure damper
  • 2 x custom adapter fittings to fit to Porsche OEM hose ends.
  • 1 x Custom mounting plug to factory bracket
  • 1 x ORB Plug


  • Replaces Porsche 930.110.602.01, 930.110.602.30 and Bosch and
  • Direct replacement for Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 '84-89 fuel pressure damper as mounted to the fuel rail.

Additional Notes:

** Replacement fuel pressure regulators now also available

"" Fully assembled and ready to install.

"" Uses a Bosch damper module. These modules do not use a vacuum reference port like the original installed units. The existing vacuum line can be plugged, or removed and capped. This does not affect the damping performance of the module.

Detailed information on the function of a Fuel Damper