Philips RacingVision H4 Headlight Bulbs (Twin) Xtreme Vision | Best-in-Class™️

Philips RacingVision H4 Headlight Bulbs (Twin) Xtreme Vision | Best-in-Class™️

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 150% Brighter Lighting - NO Relay Kit Required!


Philips RacingVision H4 Headlight Bulbs (Twin) Xtreme Vision

As indicated by their name, Philips RacingVision Xtreme Vision H4 bulbs deliver 150% more illumination than a standard 60w/55w H4 bulb. That's 150% brighter with no increase in current draw or heat generated. As a result they don't require the installation of a relay kit as is required by the standard 100/55w H4 bulbs. There is one small compromise - they don't last as long as the standard H4 bulbs.

These are a simple plug n' play replacement for your current H4 bulbs. Just remove your old ones and install these (be careful not to touch the bulb part with your fingers). That's it.


Warning: Don’t use LED bulb “upgrades” in H4 reflectors.

Some folks have tried replacing the H4 bulbs in their reflector headlights with LED bulbs and all that accomplishes is blinding on-coming drivers. The reflectors are not engineered for the scattered beams of the LEDs. Perhaps the technology will develop but until them please do not install LED bulbs in your reflector headlights. The Tungsram 60/55w Mega Ultra 120+ are cheaper and - they work. Click Here for a good article on the subject: https://jalopnik.com/why-most-led-headlight-upgrades-dont-really-work-an-ex-1843070472

And if you really want to get into it, here:https://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/bulbs/Hid/conversions/conversions.html

 If they worked properly we would sell them.