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H4 Bulbs: Tungsram (GE) Megalite Ultra +120 (Two Bulbs) - Best-in-Class®
H4 Bulbs: Tungsram (GE) Megalite Ultra +120 (Two Bulbs) - Best-in-Class®

H4 Bulbs: Tungsram (GE) Megalite Ultra +120 (Two Bulbs) - Best-in-Class®

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120% More Light - No Relay Kit Required
The Only H4 Bulb That We Recommend

Why is the +120 superior to the +150? Daniel Stern answers.  


These bulbs deliver 120% more illumination than a standard 60w/55w H4 bulb. That's 120% brighter with no increase in current draw or heat generated. As a result they don't require the installation of a relay kit as is required by the standard 100/55w H4 bulbs. There is one small compromise - they don't last as long as standard H4 bulbs.

These are a simple plug n' play replacement for your current H4 bulbs. Just remove your old ones and install these (be careful not to touch the bulb part with your fingers). That's it.

 CLICK HERE for in-depth supporting documentation by automotive lighting expert Daniel Stern at the Audette Collection Knowledge Base on why we consider these to be the best H4 bulbs currently available. Caution: Deep dive.

 Full Specifications:

  • Halogen
  • Up to 120% more light
  • Size: H4
  • CAP: p43t
  • Color: White
  • Rated luminous flux (brightness): 1650/1000 LM
  • Rated Power: 60/55 W
  • Rated Voltage: 12 V

Important Note: Please do not use LED bulbs in reflector headlights like these bulbs are designed for. You may have noted that we do not sell individual LED headlight bulbs for that reason. If they worked properly we would sell them. Click here for the details on why they are a disaster from our expert automotive lighting consultant Daniel Stern.