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Collection: Air-Cooled Porsche Lighting Parts

Audette Collection has specialized in restoring lighting components for vintage Porsches for 12+ years so we are knowledgeable about lighting parts from that era and know how to source them. As a result we are in a great position to offer you the lowest prices on the internet - or off the internet except for your favorite swap meet.

Let us us know if there is something you need that we haven’t added to our catalogue yet and we will check on getting it for you. Thanks for looking. 

20 products
  • AC High Performance Signal Bulb Kit ~ 45% brighter brake lights ~ Best-in-Class™️
  • LWB (1969-1973) Front Turn Signal & Taillight Lenses - Best-in-Class™️
  • H4/H5 Plug Adapter
  • LED Bulb Kits for Turn Signals & Taillights ~ BEST-IN-CLASS
  • H1 Bulbs: GE Megalight Ultra +120 55w - White Beam!
  • JWest Engineering Headlight Relay Kit ~ BEST-IN-CLASS
  • Bosch 4487 Flat Fluted Lens ~ Best-in-Show Pricing™️
  • 356 & VW Bug 7” Chrome Headlight Trim Rings - Pair
  • Bosch H1 LHD Lens - Best-in-Show Pricing™️
  • Philips RacingVision H4 Headlight Bulbs (Twin) Xtreme Vision | Best-in-Class™️
  • Hella SB19 Clear Lens ~ Best-in-Show Pricing™️
  • SWB (1965-1968) Front Turn Signal & Taillight Lenses
  • 7” Clear Headlight Lenses, Generic, No Logo - Pair
  • Williams Front-end Wire Strippers ~ BEST-IN-CLASS™️
  • Bosch RHD H1 Headlight Lens - Best-in-Show Pricing™️
  • H1 7” Headlight Chrome Trim Rings - Best-in-Show Pricing™️