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Collection: Hard To Find & Rare Original Parts

After being deeply involved in the air cooled Porsche world for over 25 years we have made many friends in the community. We're going to go ahead and get active and provide a market here for them who have parts to sell. We will leave the ordinary to the various classifieds which do a great job and concentrate on hard to find and exotic parts here.

Contact us if you have something you would to list here. Consignment fees are negotiable and range from 0% to 20%.

This section changes constantly sure be sure to check back once and a while. Particularly interesting parts may be posted at Instagram.

10 products
  • Porsche Cibie 170mm Headlights - Restored & Fresh
  • Mint Porsche 911 SWB (1968) Tool Kit
  • 400mm Factory Extended Hub Steering Wheel
  • NOS BOSCH Platinum Spark Plugs W250P21 - Set of Six
  • Wood Steering Wheel Flat 360mm Steering Wheel
  • Momo Corse 360mm Fat Grip Steering Wheel
  • Jackie Stewart 350mm Thick Grip with Momo Horn Button - NIB
  • Abarth Wood 360mm Flat Steering Wheel with Porsche Horn Button
  • Monza 370mm Porsche Steering Wheel with Porsche Horn Button
  • 911 VDM 400mm Steering Wheel with Bat Wing