AC High Performance Bulb Kit Specifications

 Increased Illumination

Here’s the math supporting the 45% gain in brightness claim...

Standard bulbs
- single filament: 460 lumens
- double filament: 440/35

AC High performance bulbs
- single filament: 677 lumens = +47%
- double filament: 684/46 lumens = +55% / +31%

Current draw and heat generated

The AC high performance bulbs are 29w (single-filament) and 29w/8w (double-filament) at 12.8v. That equates to 32w/9w at 13.5 volts which is what they operate at. Standard "P21W" and "P21/5W" bulbs are rated 26.5w/6.6w at 13.5v.

At 13.5v in the bright mode we have 32w - 26.5w = 5.5 watts difference. In the dim mode we have 9w - 6.6w = 2.4 watts' difference. Which is not enough to cause a problem on the input side (wattage/wiring/switches) or on the output side (heat/lenses/housings).

There is a single-filament variety (replacing 7506, 1156, 1141, 1076, P21W, or P25-1) and a dual-filament variety (replacing 7528, 1157, 1034, 2057, 2357, P21/5W, or P25-2). Most air cooled Porsches require eight bulbs.
We discovered some 1156 50w halogen bulbs that can be used for the backup lights and we are including them at no extra charge. They can get hot so they're recommended for short duration use.