AC White Papers & Product Reviews: In-Depth Information on Air-Cooled Porsche Lighting Parts

Over the years we have gathered a wealth of information on lighting assemblies and parts for air-cooled Porsches. We use that information, and information compiled from various forums, where we have often been members for over 20 years, to publish Audette Collection (AC) White Papers. The following is a list of papers published so far.

Audette Collection TMI White Papers

  • Always more coming soon

Stay tuned, many more to come. Our goal is to make Audette Collection the definitive source of lighting information for air-cooled Porsches.


We are adding Product Reviews done by our great team of Product Testers. Here's the first one, we will adding more as we move along.

Audette Collection Product Reviews

  • LED vs. Halogen Bulbs for H4 Reflector Headlights