AC TMI White Paper: What Does a CANBUS Do?

The reason that LED bulbs can cause problems, especially with blinkers, is that they draw less current than incandescent bulbs which is insufficient to properly trigger the flasher relay, especially a mechanical relay. We partially solved this problem by substituting a solid state electronic relay for the original mechanical one which worked most of the time. But not always. Another remedy was to install resistors in the path of the wiring which was cheap and easy but inconvenient.


Certain relays go by the name CANBUS, short for Controller Area Network BUS It refers to a communication protocol used in vehicles to enable various electronic components to communicate with each other without a host computer.


CANBUS-compatible LED bulbs are designed with built-in resistors or electronic components that mimic the power draw of traditional incandescent bulbs. This design ensures that the flasher recognizes the LED bulbs as if they were standard bulbs, thus preventing error messages and ensuring proper functionality.


We now use LED bulbs in our kits with a built in CANBUS. They perform properly - and brightly - with no more messing about.



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