AC TMI White Paper: Yellow or Clear Fog Light Lenses?



Yellow (Selective Yellow) Lenses Are the Best Choice

Yellow lenses are generally more effective for fog lights than clear lenses. This is because yellow light has a longer wavelength than white or blue light, which makes it less susceptible to scattering and reflection by water droplets and other particles in the air.

In foggy conditions, light from the car's headlights can be scattered or reflected back by the tiny water droplets in the air, creating a glare that makes it difficult to see. Yellow light is less susceptible to this scattering and reflection, which allows it to penetrate farther into the fog and provide better illumination of the road surface.

Yellow lenses also help to reduce glare by blocking out blue light, which can be particularly harsh on the eyes in foggy conditions. This can make it easier for the driver to see the road ahead without being blinded by the glare from the fog.

Clear lenses, on the other hand, do not provide the same level of contrast as yellow lenses and can actually make it more difficult to see in foggy conditions. Clear lenses allow all colors of light to pass through, including blue light, which can create glare and reduce visibility in the fog.

In summary, yellow lenses are generally more effective for fog lights than clear lenses. They provide better contrast and visibility in foggy conditions by reducing glare and penetrating farther into the fog.