Product Review: AC Fuse Panel Review

AC Fuse Panel Review

Reviewer: Audette Collection Beta Tester (who purchased two)

Car: 1977 Porsche 911s


  • Flat head and Philips screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers or hemostats
  • 3mm hex wrench

Installation time:  2.5 hrs

Design Advantages:

  • Large 5.5 mm wire openings. Stock panel wire terminal opening is only 4.75mm.  The Adapt panel has fully 34% more surface area in the opening - there was no issue fitting the stock ferrules or even multiple ferrules into the Adapt panel. 
  • Hex screws with deep threads making loosening or tightening easy with one hand. Tightening was very secure given width of screws.
  • Insulation spacer pad had adhesive side making attachment to factory panel with fastening screws easy.
  • Jumpers are integral within the circuit board – marked with white arrows between jumped terminals
  • Switchable LED’s for fuse status.

Suggested Improvement:

  • Directions would be improved if they were published online in pdf format and contained more detailed photos. My primary hesitancy was that I couldn’t preview the installation directions first.

Installation considerations:

  • Majority of time was spent labeling and organizing wires. The actual act of securing wire ferrules to the panel was very easy.  Wide openings make it easy to see correct ferrule placement within the terminal.
  • Stock wiring length of the factory harness is too short to allow placing the new panel side by side with the old one and transferring wires one at a time.
  • The headlight relays require slightly moving some connectors – there was no issue reconnecting stock wires.

Overall impression:

  • Well-made product that feels substantial. The wire securing terminals are far stronger and much more secure than the stock panel.
  • Great value – better design with larger terminal openings and far better price than other currently blade fuse panel replacement options.
  • Highly recommended with only suggestion to improve and publish installation directions. The actual installation was far easier than anticipated – this is largely due to the product design.
  • Headlights are definitely brighter.

AC Fuse Panel with headlight relays and extra fuse position (#22

Wide open wire terminals measuring 5.5 mm.  Adhesive foam insulator is attached to the back making panel fastening easy:

Rear panel insulator with light grey spacers:

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