White Paper: Audette Collection Definition of Value

AC definition of value: A combination of quality, price and performance. Since we are dealing with cars that are high in performance and quality and high in cost, we weigh the three factors as follows:

  • Performance - scale of 1-10 with 10 the best
  • Quality: 1-10
  • Price: 1-5

Here's an example of one of our ratings, in this case the AC Hi-Performance Signal Bulb kit:

Performance: 8/10

At 45% brighter than ordinary bulbs, these are the brightest incandescent auto signal light bulbs that we are aware of, a solid 10/10.

Quality: 10/10

Made by Stanley in Japan with superior illumination and corrosion resistant bases, these are the best incandescent auto signal bulbs that we are aware of, a solid 10/10.

Price: 1/10

Much more expensive than ordinary incandescent bulbs these don't score well here.

Total Score: 21/25 which we rate as an A.

We have smart customers - they have made this our #1 best selling product.