Daniel Stern - Audette Collection Automotive Lighting Consultant


Daniel Stern

- International Automotive Lighting Authority

- Automotive Lighting Consultant

- Chief Editor of Driving Vision News



Condensed version of Mr. Stern's CV:

"Driving Vision News" (DVN) Chief Editor based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seattle, Washington, USA, is considered by DVN President Hector Fratty to be one of the five greatest lighting experts in North America.He is an appointed member of the US transportation Research Board Visibility Committee, which steers North America research on matters related to automotive conspicuity, lighting performance and regulation. He is an active member of the SAE Lighting Systems Group, and attends and participates in the world’s automotive symposia and technical conferences.

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern is one of the world's leading authorities in automobile lighting. He is also a friend and an incredibly valuable consultant to Audette Collection. Which is a remarkable thing for us given our specialty of air cooled Porsche lighting.

I believe that Daniel might very well be as knowledgeable about automotive lighting as anyone else in the world. I am continually astounded by his depth and breath of knowledge.

Daniel was best described by a member of the Early 911S Registry as follows:

I am familiar with Daniel Stern. His knowledge is vast and attention to detail is microscopic.

If you doubt this, please take a moment to peruse the following article that he just published at the Curbside Classic website:

Automotive History: When Front Turn Signals Changed ColourAmber Waves of Pain

You also may be interested in his keynote address at the DVN Novi U.S. Workshop in 2021.

Daniel Stern's Keynote at DVN 2021 from Isocat on Vimeo.


Here's a recent post of mine to the Early 911 Registry attesting to Stern's huge value to Audette Collection:

Retail Phonies

I had an interesting experience recently. I came across an item that I thought would be a great new product for the AC Store catalog. I investigated it online and found a number of positive reviews following "testing" by some prominent online retailers. I spent several hours putting together a product page and, as normal procedure, asked our consultant Daniel Stern if he was familiar with the product, and of course he was. He gave it a strong thumbs down which was really disappointing as I think it would be a strong seller.

At least two lessons learned.

Most resellers are phonies. They either don't test products at all or simply lie about them. There appear to be very few companies that fully vet and QC their products. Be careful out there as the BS is deep. Do your research.

Stern's input makes me realize how fortunate (I almost said blessed) we are to have him as a friend and consultant to Audette Collection. We strive for a number of value-adds, such as copious information and fair pricing, but our #1 is thoroughly vetted products. Not all our products qualify but we're trying to find as many as possible that meet our Best in Class™ standard. If not that, then they function as intended.

I'm very grateful to Daniel for his generous contributions to Audette Collection, helping us to be the #1 resource for air cooled Porsche lighting in the world.