Technology Transfer

Technology transfer, is the process of transferring technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization.
We are just at the beginning of a technology transfer here at Audette Collection. We have restored vintage Porsche lighting products for over 15 years. Over that time we have learned a number of ways to do things and to continually improve on them. We're decided to start sharing that knowledge with Audette Collection clients who have supported us so heartily over the years.
We're structuring the process by compiling and offering AC Restoration Kits. The kits will include all of the required parts, bit, pieces and material to restore a given part, such as LWB turn signals and taillights. The kit will also include detailed instructions.
We're launching this with the kit described in this newsletter, the exclusive AC SWB & LWB Turn Signal & Taillight Restoration Kit.