CTEK MUS 4.3 Batter Charger - Best in Class

CTEK MUS 4.3 Batter Charger - Best in Class

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This Made in Sweden battery charger is the one
that Porsche sells under their brand. They put it in
up-scale packaging and charge $215.00 for it.

You need to be careful when you select a battery charger / tender. It's one of the many areas that are filled with marketing hyperbole and half-truths. This is the charger that Porsche sells as their "Porsche Classic Charger" (with fancier packaging at a higher price. After extensive research into battery charger/tenders we have selected the Made in Sweden CTEK MUS 4.3 charger/tender as our choice for "Best-in-Class®".

It performs the following steps when attached to your battery, lead or AGM:

The 8 steps are:

STEP 1 DESULPHATION Detects sulphated batteries, pulsing current and voltage. Removes sulphate from the leadplates of the battery restoring the battery capacity.

STEP 2 SOFT START Tests if the battery can accept charge. This step prevents charging proceeding with a defective battery.

STEP 3 BULK aka Arnold mode. Charging with maximum current until approximately 80% battery capacity.

STEP 4 ABSORPTION Charging with declining current to maximize up to 100% battery capacity.

STEP 5 ANALYZE Tests if the battery can hold charge. Batteries that can not hold charge may need to be replaced.

STEP 6 RECOND Choose the Recond program to add the Recond step to the charging process. During the Recond step voltage increases to create controlled gassing in the battery. Gasing mixes the battery acid and gives back energy to the battery.

STEP 7 FLOAT Maintaining the battery voltage at maximum level by providing a constant voltage charge.

Maintaining the battery at 95–100% capacity. The charger monitors the battery voltage and gives a pulse when necessary to keep the battery fully charged.

Every once in a while we come across a product that is such a slam dunk as Best-in-Class that it's a no-brainer to buy. This is one of those products.