Original Cibié Bi-Iode 190mm Headlights - To Be Restored - AC EXCLUSIVE

Original Cibié Bi-Iode 190mm Headlights - To Be Restored - AC EXCLUSIVE

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Cibié Bi-Iodes: The Best Early Porsche 911 Headlights? 

80% through the restoration process. At this stage you can order them with any combination of amber and clear beams. Most popular choice, by far, is clear low beams and amber high beams. ETA: 3-4 weeks.

Note: I'm in the process of filling six outstanding orders which are given top priority (i.e. there is only one set of new arrival NOS amber lamps which are being used to fill an existing order.

The Overlooked Cibie 190mm Diameter Biodes 

Porsche used 170mm diameter Cibie Biodes for their early rally cars which were produced in low numbers (Ford used them on the Escort also). As a result they are very hard to to find (almost unobtainium) and therefore expensive.

France based Cibie also produced 190mm diameter Biodes that were used on Peugeot and other French cars. They were made in much greater numbers than the 170's and are thus easier to find and less expensive. When mounted, from the front they look identical to the 170's. So why not use the 190’s on our Porsches? The reason has always been that they don’t fit in the Hella sealed beam buckets used for the 170mm lamps. 

Solution - An Audette Collection Exclusive

Problem solved. Audette Collection has designed a proprietary mounting system that enables the 190mm Cibié Bi-Iodes to be mo10unted in the Hella buckets, making for a plug n’ play assembly for all air-cooled Porsches. Always very limited quantities.

Restoration Process

The restoration process at Audette Collection starts with our high quality original Cibie 190mm Biode cores and finishes with concours level headlamps. Reflectors are silver plated (silver, used in the early day - now it's mostly aluminum - is the most reflective practical plating).


Reflectance Comparison
Silver: .95512 = 100%
Aluminum: .91320 = 95.6%
Chrome: .60604 = 63.5%

Next comes assembly using the highest quality parts. The end result is suitable for high level concours cars which have won at notable events, such as the Concours on the Avenue in Carmel, California.

 Restoration Process

  • Reflectors – stripped, copper and silver plated
  • Housings – media blasted and VHT painted
  • Lenses – original Cibie lenses
  • Lens Gaskets – new
  • Chrome Trim Rings – new
  • Adjustment Screws – new with nyloc nuts for easy removal
  • Fender Mounting Screws
  • Fender Mounting Gaskets – new
  • Bulbs – new high performance Tungsram H1 bulbs
  • Bench Tested

Please note that if you purchase these at the beginning of the restoration it will take some time for them to ship. Currently it's running 8-10 weeks.