SWB Original Turn Signals & Tail Lights - Fully Restored - One Set Only

SWB Original Turn Signals & Tail Lights - Fully Restored - One Set Only

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Fully Restored - Ready To Go - One Set Only

We normally restore parts on a custom basis. But we have one set of SWB turn signals and tail lights fully restored and ready to go. Lenses have not been mounted permanently yet and you have your choice of Euro or U.S.. You also have your choice of bulbs: high-performance incandescent or LED. 

The Restoration Process

SWB signal light restoration is PhD level work for a restoration shop as they are very difficult to restore. The housings are made of poor quality pot medal making it difficult to properly chrome the trim edges. Many plating shops refuse to do the work.

We have solved the various issues over the past 15 years and we believe that our SW turn signal taillight restorations are Best-in-Class and it's a service that we’re proud to offer. 

Full Restoration
  • Housings – Original solid Porsche turn signal housings are used.
  • Housing exterior – Bead blasted. The exposed trim is triple chrome plated.
  • Housing interior – Very high reflectivity  is applied to the interior of the housings. 
  • Interior reflectors - Reflectors are removed and chrome plated and reinstalled with rivets.
  • Lenses – Premium high quality lenses from our Italian manufacturer, Euro or U.S.
  • Bulb holders – New or reconditioned original bulb holders.
  • Choice of bulbs: hi-performance incandescent (+45%) or LED
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

Only one set immediately available.