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Installing Porsche 911 SWB Turn Signal & Taillight Lenses


Installing Gaskets

It’s probably best to install the gaskets first to minimize handling of your new lenses. There are a number of adhesives that can be used.  I use Wurth Black Weather Strip Adhesive. It dries quickly and is easy to work with. I use wooden clothes pins to hold the gasket in place while the adhesive dries:



Installing SWB Lenses

It's pretty straight forward as the housings for the SWB cars are the same for Euro and U.S. You just remove the current lenses and replace with the new ones. Here's how I do it:

(1) Remove old lenses
If you don't want to save them the easiest way is to break them. You can use a screwdriver blade along the inside edges and pry up. You will need to drill out the rivets on the ends of the lenses.

(2) Install new lenses
First do a trial fit to make sure everything is snug. The lenses that I'm using now have a great fit and all of the little monkey ears should fit into the slots along the edge. For the front turn signals you might get the best fit by first inserting the end closest to the middle of the car.

Remove the new lens and apply a bead of silicon around the edges. I use this clear silicone adhesive sealant from Amazon:

 The thing that's really nice is that the configuration of the can and spout make it very easy to apply a nice not too big even bead. Be tidy with it though as it gets on everything and makes a big mess if you're not.

OK, press the lens onto to the housing and apply pressure around the edges and everywhere else. To hold things firm I use a clamp in the middle and 4mm screws in the mounting holes at each end. I don't use rivets - I use a washer under the head of the screw and a washer and a 4mm nut on the backside to secure things firmly. Dries in a few hours. If you happen to have any silicone smears on the chrome trim edges or any where else be sure to clean them before the silicone dries. I’ve yet to find anything that dissolves silicone.