The AC14 Road Kit


AC14 Road Kit

(1) Porsche® Stow Bag

We found a bag to be better than a rigid box. We're aware of the limited storage space in our cars and a flexible bag is easier to stow.

(2) LED Highway Emergency Warning Lights

StonePoint Emergency LED Road Flare Kit
At first we were going to use the same old triangles but in our research we discovered that some countries are officially converting to flare lights. And with good reason. The triangles are a hassle and they don't have great visibility in the daytime. These magnetic pods, made by StonePoint, use LED's and are able to be in flasher or steady mode. They're visible from up to two miles away. There are three in a storage bag.

(3) Battery Booster

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter
Battery boosters are in the same category as LED road flares - new technology replacing old technology. An old fashioned road kit might include jumper cables but those are nearing obsolescence with battery boosters.

(4) LED Flashlight with Emergency Flasher

WorkLight Rechargeable LED
There are millions of these but we have used one called the WorkLight for a while now and really like it. These are USB rechargeable and very bright. And the emergency flasher, while small, is a nice feature. We also sell these separately and you will find more information at the Product Page.

(5) First Aid Kit

Protect Life 100-Piece Kit
Again, these are pretty much a commodity and we chose the Protect Life Kit for it's small size (made for cars, backpackers, hikers) and completeness.

(6) Emergency Escape Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter

Amazon Basic
Again, these are a commodity. We chose this one because it's well made and reasonably priced. This is a component you should store in your glove box.

(7) Duct Tape

Gorilla Tape To-Go
Not very dramatic but and all-time must. I can't count how many times I've used duct tape on trips towing my vintage Airstream trailer. We chose this one for it's small size.

(8) Portable Hi-Tech Fire Extinguisher

Element E50
We discovered these revolutionary small fire extinguishers at the outset of doing research for our Safety Category. We offer them as an individual product and you will find more information at the Product Page.

(9) Tow Strap

JCHL Nylon Tow Strap with Hooks
Another pretty common item. But it's scary towing our Porsches and what is important here are the specs. We chose this JCHL tow strap because it is heavy duty. It's rated at 20,000 lbs. while many are commonly rated at 10,000 lbs. It's also a "recovery" strap which means it's rated capable of pulling a car out of a ditch. It has forged hooks at each end making it easy to use.

(10) Tire Pressure Gauge

JUSTTOP Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Another common commodity item. We chose this one based on good value.

(11) Fuse Kit

AC Fuse Kit
We put these together ourselves. Unbelievably Porsches used the same fuses from 1950 through 1989! Now that's a frugal car company. The kit incudes: (7) White (8 amp), (5) Red (16 amp) and (3) Blue (24 amp,

(12) Circuit Tester

AstroAl Multimeter
AstrolAl is a good value brand, the main reason for choosing this one.

(13) Tire Sealant

Well, this is glamorous. I've always considered these to be kind of Mickey Mouse but they do get the job done. I just used one recently to get a car over to the tire shop.

(14) Optional DME Relay

Kaehler DME Relay
We made this optional since it applies only to 1984-199 cars. There are a lot of cheaper relays out there but we opted for one of the better quality ones.