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Restoration Service: BOSCH H1 Headlights
Restoration Service: BOSCH H1 Headlights
Restoration Service: BOSCH H1 Headlights
Restoration Service: BOSCH H1 Headlights

Restoration Service: BOSCH H1 Headlights

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Bosch H1's are one of the most fascinating early headlights used on Porsches. The H1 halogen bulb was introduced in 1967 and Porsche used H1's on RoW (rest of world) delivered cars from then through most of 1972 when H4's were introduced.

Basically a clever Rube Goldberg device, H1's were developed to enable the use of the H1 halogen lens. Since it had only one filament it was necessary to use two bulbs, one for low beam and one for high beam. This necessitated the use of two reflectors and of course the ability to adjust them both.

Restoration of Bosch H1 Headlights

The restoration process at Audette Collection starts with your cores or high quality original Bosch H1 cores and finishes with concours level headlamps. The reflectors travel to two plating shops, for for copper and nickel plating and polishing. Next they are sent to another plating shop for the application of the number plating technique for automotive headlights, vapor deposited aluminum.

Next comes assembly using the highest quality parts. The end result is suitable for high level concours cars which have won at notable events, such as the Concours on the Avenue in Carmel, California.

 Restoration Process

  • Reflectors – stripped, copper plated, nickel plated, polished, followed by vapor deposited aluminum plating and a protective silica layer – Why aluminum?
  • Housings – media blasted and VHT painted
  • Lenses – new with correct Bosch lettering (inside of lens)
  • Lens Gaskets – new
  • Chrome Trim Rings – new or re-chromed originals depending on availability 
  • Adjustment Screws – new with nyloc nuts for easy removal
  • Fender Mounting Screws
  • Fender Mounting Gaskets – new
  • Adjustment Instruction Labels – exact reproductions
  • Bulbs – new high performance H1 bulbs
  • Bench Tested

Delivery on Bosch H1 Restorations is 6-8 weeks.

AC White Paper on Bosch H1's