Kroon Porsche LWB (1969-1973) OEM Correct Headlight Relay Kit - Best-in-Class®
Kroon Porsche LWB (1969-1973) OEM Correct Headlight Relay Kit - Best-in-Class®

Kroon Porsche LWB (1969-1973) OEM Correct Headlight Relay Kit - Best-in-Class®

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We have awarded this product AC All-Star status because it's an inexpensive way to protect your expensive and often hard to find headlight switch and it's 100% original in appearance.

Increase the brightness of your headlights and
protect your expensive ($500.00+) headlight switch

Specially designed for installation in the 69-73 911 and 912.    

There are hundreds of headlight relay kits available today. The art for the many  who value originality is making them look as close to OEM as possible.

If you would like to keep your wiring looking stock then this is the relay kit for you. Kroon is highly regarded for their factory perfect production of wiring harnesses for Porsche 911's and their headlight relays follow suit. And they are easy to install, probably in 10 minutes or less. Originality, brighter headlights plus no burned out headlight switches.

Note: Pictured fuse boxes are not included and are provided to show the location of the relay sockets when mounted in the car.

Kits for 1974-1988 G-Model Porsches coming soon, same pricing...


Less expensive Kroon Premium Porsche Headlight Relay Kits are also available



Additional Information

H1 and H4 bulbs create a higher draw and together with the long wire length and a relatively small wire gauge this results in a lower voltage to the headlights.

  • This relay set protects your (expensive) headlight switch and gives full current to the lights.
  • Its 100% period correct and looks exactly like what would have been provided by Porsche if they included it them in their original design.
  • Low and high beam have a separate relay and socket.
  • The sockets are positioned in the spare holes above your horn relay next to the front fuse box. (please if you have spare holes available before ordering)
  • Wire colors are as original and each wire has the right length.
  • Detailed instructions for easy installation are included.
  • Max 100watt bulbs are recommended.
  • 2 Original Porsche relays included.