Philips Integral Beam LED Headlights - Best-in-Class

Philips Integral Beam LED Headlights - Best-in-Class

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Introducing Our New #1 Product - An Audette Collection Exclusive
The Highest Quality LED Headlights Available for Air-Cooled Porsches
The Only 7" LED Headlights Endorsed by Lighting Consultant Daniel Stern

.After five years of using JW Speaker 8700 LED's to build our premium LED assemblies we are switching to the new Philips (lPhilips has long been regarded as a leader in automotive lighting) Integral Beam 6024. We rely heavily on input from our Senior Lighting Consultant Daniel Stern (see some of Daniel's comments down below) and he has subjected these to extensive testing and found them to be at least as good as the Speaker 8700's, at a much lower price.

... Daniel Stern Comments ...

I've done formal testing on it and it's a _really_ good lamp. It's nicely made in Taiwan, and they picked one of the better beam specifications in the regulation to engineer/build to, rather than the laxer old sealed beam standard Truck-Lite built to. This Philips lamp produces a very wide, well-formed and -focused beam, with a pleasing sharp cutoff and lots of down-the-road light even with a low headlamp mount height. It can readily be aimed visually, optically, or with the old-fashioned Hoppy-type sealed beam aimer that interfaces with the three lens pips. And while it doesn't look olde-tyme, it also doesn't deface the car by looking like it came off a space ship.