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Original Bosch Brass H4 Trim Rings - Rechromed

Original Bosch Brass H4 Trim Rings - Rechromed

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My Porsche mentor told me 25 years ago to never throw any old parts away. I've been pretty good about following his advice and I found a dusty box in the recesses of my shop that was full of original brass H1 and H4 trim rings. I sorted through them and sent the best ones out to my longtime plating shop for rechroming. The currently available reproduction Bosch H4 trim rings are not bad, but they are chrome over steel whereas the originals are chrome over brass.

I can also provide the same adjustment screw kits that I use in my restorations. One kit contains:

(4) 4mm x .70 x 35mm stainless steel pan head screws  
(4) 4mm nyloc nuts
(4) plastic washers
(4) rubber grommets
(4) steel washers