SWB 911 Cibie Hood Lights Wiring Harness (1965-1968) - Audette Collection ~ Porsche Lighting Restoration & BEST-IN-CLASS Porsche Parts

SWB 911 Cibie Hood Lights Wiring Harness (1965-1968)

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Complete harness for Cibie hood mounted lights for Porsche SWB 911.

Complete Set for Cibie Hoodlights

  • Harness for hood with 3 pole male connector.
  • 2 x grommet for cable entry.
  • Harness set for control with relay socket , 3 pole female connector, relay, 2 x inline fuse-holder and wiring to switch.
  • 2 x 8A ceramic fuse
  • Tie wraps and self adhesive cable tie mounts.
  • Connection diagram.

100% OEM Correct (that's how Kroon rolls)

  • As original colored wiring.
  • Original neoprene terminal sleeves used, (no shrink tube!)
  • Very high quality flex automotive grade wiring, ISO6722:2002 / DIN72551/6 / EEC directive 2000/53
  • Gasoline, oil, battery acid, engine coolant resistant.
  • High flex sleeving ,very resistant to solvents and free of halogen, sulfur and phosphorous.
  • Handmade in Holland, concours quality.

Kroon is the easiest Best-in-Class designation that we make, simply the best in the world. No one even bothers to debate it. We're proud to be their North America dealer.