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@ Element Fire Extinguisher
@ Element Fire Extinguisher
@ Element Fire Extinguisher
@ Element Fire Extinguisher

@ Element Fire Extinguisher

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This was an interesting product to research as it's a bit revolutionary and we started out with doubts. We're all used to the canister fire extinguishers that haven't changed in probably 100 years on the outside and these small form extinguishers (the large one is 13" long with a 1.2" diameter) just don't seem right intuitively. But they work. They've been certified in Europe by the CE and the TUV and in the U.S. by PCA for track days. They haven't yet been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and UL because their requirements include a certain form factor.

It should be mandated that all cars carry a fire extinguisher. I had a car fire last summer that threatened to take out an Airstream trailer I was towing but I had a fire extinguisher at hand and the fire was contained to a small area of the SUV. With fire extinguishers this small and convenient to have on hand there's no excuse not to have one. I have one in the kitchen, the shop, and in my cars (in addition to the Halguards).

 The Elements use safe and clean potassium nitrate which leaves no residue. The heavy gas that it produces forms a kind of blanket over the fire. The E-50 contains 4X more fire suppressant than a typical 5lb extinguisher and the E-100 contains 8X as much.

We recommend the larger E-100 if your budget allows.

 Additional features of both Element models:

* Compact and easy to use

* Large images on unit guide user through easy 4-step activation process

* Zero pressure discharge--will not spread oil and liquid fires

* Safe and maintenance-free--no service ever required and never expires

* Weatherproof--unaffected by extreme temperatures, humidity, or vibration

* Safe to store in wet environments

* Can safely be stored in hot climates

* Fights all major fire classes:

-- (A) Wood, coal, and trash
-- (B) Flammable liquids and gases
-- (C) Electrical up to 100,000 V
-- (K) Cooking oil and grease