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AC Rebuild Kit: BOSCH H1 Headlight Fasteners - Audette Collection ~ Porsche Lighting Restoration & BEST-IN-CLASS Porsche Parts

AC Rebuild Kit: BOSCH H1 Headlight Fasteners

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Kit includes generic hardware for adjustment and reflector attachment screws. No specific Bosch parts are included. Includes the following for a pair of Bosch H1's:

  • (10) stainless oval head 4mm screws (identical to originals)
  • (8) rubber buffers for adjustment screws
  • (8) buffer washers for adjustment screws
  • (8) plastic washers for adjustment screws
  • (8) Nyloc nuts for adjustment screws
  • (2) extenders for 4:00 adjustment screws
  • (2) couplers for 8:00 adjustment screws
  • (2) tangs for 10:00 adjustment screw


Note: High beam "spring" type adjuster extensions are not included and are unobtainium.