Porsche 911 G-Series (1974-1989) Mini Blade Fuse Panel
Porsche 911 G-Series (1974-1989) Mini Blade Fuse Panel

Porsche 911 G-Series (1974-1989) Mini Blade Fuse Panel

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 Porsche 911 Mini Blade Fuse Panel G-Series Upgrade Set (FRONT & REAR) 74-89

A current technological advancement that is gaining rapidly in popularity is fuse panels for mini blade fuses with LED indicators to indicate fuse status. We have been researching these and we really like the G-Series products manufactured by Adapt Motorsport in Australia.

Other than the LED indicators, which we love, we also like the larger than normal terminals which creates ease of installation. Also these include headlight relays and they use the original Porsche cover. Nice.


  • Uses modern mini blade fuses, easily found everywhere.
  • Fuse-ways rated at 25A
  • Includes headlight relay
  • Larger than factory terminals to quickly and easily swap wires, even with additional or larger wires. (This is a good feature!)
  • Switchable on board diagnostics, to quickly diagnose electrical faults.  Red LED for fuse blown, Green LED for output live, Green LED when fuse removed, and back-feed is present. (This is a great feature!)
  • Great value given the favorable exchange rate between the Australia dollar vs. the U.S. dollar and the Euro.


Review from one of our beta testers who also bought the kit.

The Adapt panel is superior to the competition in every way - the fact that it is substantially less expensive just makes it a complete no-brainer. I am very pleased and will recommend this to my friends without reservation. That’s unusual for me, usually I can find something to improve…

- Full detailed review here -

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