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As Porsche enthusiasts we are always interested in the top products in the air cooled Porsche world. The AC Shop gives us the opportunity to offer a highly curated and eclectic selection of the highest quality products available for your Porsche, many made by craftsmen in small shops 

Premium parts can equal premium pricing. But you already know that because you own a Porsche. But we are continually searching for the best high quality products at the best prices.

These carefully selected parts are Best-in-Class 911 Products™ ~ Air-Cooled Porsche parts made with care and pride. Have fun looking around.

22 products
  • Carbon Fiber Hood Prop Rod
  • JackPoint Jack Stand ~ Best Jack Stands Ever
  • Brunnhoelzl BRI-002 Low Profile Aluminum Racing Jack ~ Best-in-Class®
  • Titanium Heat Shields ~ BEST-IN-CLASS™
  • Titanium Lug Nuts ~ BEST-IN-CLASS®
  • Titanium Wheel Studs ~ BEST-IN-CLASS™
  • Titanium Engine Cross Bar ~ BEST-IN-CLASS
  • 911 Shift Coupler Clamp ~ BEST-IN-CLASS
  • H4/H5 Plug Adapter
  • TACH-ADAPT - The $65 black box that makes your tach work properly
  • TACH-TEST - An Essential Workshop Tool
  • AeroKroil Penetrating Oil ~ Best-in-Class Product® & Best-in-Show Pricing®
  • Williams Front-end Wire Strippers ~ BEST-IN-CLASS®
  • Bosch 4487 Flat Fluted Lens ~ Best-in-Show Pricing®
  • Hella SB19 Clear Lens ~ Best-in-Show Pricing®
  • LWB (1969-1973) Air Cooled 911 Turn Signal & Taillight Lenses - Best-in-Class ®