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H1 Bulbs: GE (Tungsram) Megalight Ultra +120 55w - 2 Bulb Pack
H1 Bulbs: GE (Tungsram) Megalight Ultra +120 55w - 2 Bulb Pack

H1 Bulbs: GE (Tungsram) Megalight Ultra +120 55w - 2 Bulb Pack

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120% More Light - No Relay Kit Required

Recommended by Automotive Lighting Consultant Daniel Stern
Audette Collection Special Consulting Partner

The Megalight Ultra +120 is the highest technology H1 bulb currently available. It's labeled as GE but it's actually made in Hungary by Tungsram, a subsidiary of GE and a legendary bulb manufacturer.

 Running at 55 watts it delivers 120% more light on the road than a standard halogen H1 bulb. But by using only 55 watts to power both high and low beams means it doesn't produce more heat or draw more current than a standard 55w H1 low beam bulb. Which means a relay kit is not required to protect your circuits.

Mounted in a reflector headlight, the Ge Megalight Ultra +120 produces more light than an LED bulb. Plus, unlike the blare of light that blinds other drivers produced by an incorrect LED, it's precisely engineering to deliver the light in an optimally focused pattern.

Headlights are precision engineered instruments designed to provide maximum focused lighting for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Don't experiment or fool around - use the certified best.

Pricing is for case of two bulbs. Order a quantity of two cases for dual reflector headlights such as Bosch H1, Cibié Bi-Iode and SEV Amplilux headlights.


Note: Some folks have tried replacing the H1 bulbs in their reflector headlights with LED bulbs and all that accomplishes is blinding on-coming drivers. The reflectors are not engineered for the scattered beams of the LEDs. Perhaps the technology will develop but until them please do not install LED bulbs in your reflector headlights. The GE 60/55w Megalight Ultra 90+ are cheaper and - they work properly.