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Collection: 1965-1973 Porsche 911/912 Headlight & Turn-signal Restoration Services

Audette Collection has been the #1 restoration shop for F-Series Porsche lighting components for over 15 years. We have restored hundreds of headlights, such as Bosch H1's, Cibie Bi-Iodes, Bosch H4's, Marchal SEV Amplilux and Hella sealed beams. We have also restored countless turn signal and taillights, both SWB and LWB.

The restoration process at AC starts with high quality original cores and finishes with concours level headlamps and turn signals. After media blasting, headlight and turn signal reflectors travel to two plating shops: the first shop for for copper and nickel plating and polishing and the second shop for the application of the number one plating technique for automotive headlights, vapor deposited aluminum.

Next comes assembly using the highest quality parts. The end result is suitable for high level concours cars and many have won notable events, such as the Concours on the Avenue in Carmel, California and Porsche Parade.

Project time can vary widely.

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